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BuildPanel Applications

Innovative Technology, Sustainable Materials, and Automated Manufacturing

Transitional Shelter

BuildPanel offers a unique opportunity for governments and NGOs to provide quick, easy, and affordable housing solutions for those in need.  

Work Camp / Migrant Shelter

Our system offers greater protection from the elements, providing a safer and more comfortable living environment. 

Disaster Relief Shelter

BuildPanel is a solution for disaster relief: providing quick- to-assemble shelter for those affected.  BuildPanel offers a number of advantages over container units, tents and other temporary structures.

Off-Grid Cabin

Ideal for off-grid installation, panels for a basic cabin assembly can be transported in two pickup truck loads.  

Industrial / Agricultural

Barns, sheds, stables, and feed storage are only the beginning of structures. required for agricultural operations.

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Easily improve the function of your backyard or recreational property using BuildPanel to construct a tiny home or storage shed.  


One of the most significant advantages of BuildPanel is that it can be assembled by anyone without specialized skills or tools.   The panels simply bolt together and seal with a pre-installed gasket that naturally aligns.

BuildPanel Solutions

Tech that sets BuildPanel apart from other modular systems

Transitional Shelters

BuildPanel is the ideal solution for transitional housing due to its deployment, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability. 

Worker and Migrant Solutions

BuildPanel is an ideal solution for worker and migrant housing with its swift assembly, durable materials, and customization capabilities. 

ADU / Cabin / Tiny Home

BuildPanel is the ideal solution for ADUs and Off-Grid Cabins due to its versatility and sustainable design. It allows for quick and hassle-free construction.

Storage Solutions

BuildPanel is the ideal solution for storage needs because of its modular and customizable design. Whether you need a small storage shed or a larger storage facility.

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