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Technology Driven Solutions

Endless configuration options make it a versatile and adaptable building solution

Innovative Building System

BuildPanel is able to produce structures that are strong, durable, and environmentally friendly. Providing an integrated platform for innovative building technologies.

Innovation Is The Foundation

Wood Frame

All Weather Coating

Modular Components


Pushing Building Technology To Meet The Demands Of Today’s Marketplace

Integrated BuildPanel Innovations

Innovative Technology, Sustainable Materials, and Automated Manufacturing

Modular Panel System

Each panel has a male and female connection that interlocks and is then bolted together. The Ultra Fast Assembly Building (UFAB) system is designed to be simple to erect by anyone, without requiring skilled labor or specialized tools.

Bio-Polymer Coating

With our advanced coating chemically bonded, wood surfaces are waterproofed, highly UV resistant, and strongly deterrent to boring insects. This makes BuildPanel structures exemplary in any climate.


Panels can only be put together one way, the right way!  The panels can be configured in various ways to create different window openings, door placements, and sizes of buildings depending on your specific needs.

Automated Manufacturing

Automated manufacturing is a crucial element in meeting the ever-growing demand for affordable structures.  With BuildPanel’s automated manufacturing process, the production process is faster, more efficient, and less prone to errors.

Proprietary BuildPanel Connection System

One of the most significant advantages of BuildPanel is that it can be assembled by anyone without specialized skills or tools.   The panels simply bolt together and seal with a pre-installed gasket that naturally aligns.

BuildPanel Features

Tech that sets BuildPanel apart from other modular systems

Shingle-less Roof System

The BuildPanel roof system is fully waterproof upon installation, no shingling required.  The same proprietary gasket system in the wall panels is used for the roof panels, ensuring a strong and water-tight connection.

Flat Pack Delivery

BuildPanel units are packaged to fit on standard truck beds and can be easily transported to even the toughest build sites.  No other building system allows for the easy transport of all materials needed for the build.

Water Resistant Washable Interior

Walls and all other components cand be easily washed down with water.  This allows for easy cleaning of the unit regardless of what mess was made inside.  The biopolymer coatings are non-toxic and do not contain harmful chemicals.

Easy Install Interior Panels

Choose from a wide variety of interior panels that hang on simple brackets. If necessary in your climate, additional R-value can be added with special wall cavity inserts and pre-cut insulation that fits perfectly inside the panels.

Ready for Multiple Applications

BuildPanel is the ideal solution for any of your building inspirations or design ideas


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