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Life size building blocks

BuildPanel is a versatile building solution offering sturdy wood frame structures and customizable designs, catering to a range of needs from storage sheds to outdoor offices and even sauna kits..

All Weather

Ready for any climate, BuildPanel’s Crushed Glass BioPolymer Coating is ready for all seasons

Wood Frame

Built using the latest in Value Added Wood Technology to ensure your buildings are structurally sound


Easily assemble, disassemble, and move your BuildPanel unit with leaving a lasting footprint

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1.0 Wall Panels

BuildPanel units are built using basic tools and can be assembled by two people in hours.  No cutting or nailing as the panels are locked together with a simple “click”.

2.0 Roof Panels

Easily add roof panels with a simple click.  Each panel comes with a galvanized metal roof barrier and does not require shingles or any further steps.  Just place, click in, and your done.

3.0 floor panels

Insulated floor panels provide a comfortable solution for your unit while being ready for any climate.  Floor Panels can come finished with a vinyl plank to create the look your desire

What is A BuildPanel?

A BuildPanel is an “ALL IN ONE” panel which combines an exterior finish, insulation, and interior panel which clicks together using spring loaded Cam Locks for rapid assembly

Bio Polymer made from wood processing waste combined with a recycled crushed glass.

Layer of insulation to ensure the unit stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Sturdy wood frame with spring loaded cam lock connectors allow for click together assembly

Interior finish is provided to ensure once the panel is connected no other work is needed

4.0 windows

Add windows to where you want by simply popping them in.  Offering you the ability to always have the view you want by adjusting your layout without hassle typically involved in window installs

5.0 Doors

Put the door in an ideal spot and just pop it in.  BuildPanel units can accommodate numerous door types which makes it the ideal system for a variety of different projects

6.0 electrical

Plug & Play electrical allows you to quickly add power to the unit by just plugging it in.  Easily add 15 – 30 amps of power without having to install any electrical or wiring

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7.0 Customize

Create the space your dreaming of by customizing your interior panels.  Whether looking for a comfortable wood look or a wash-down heavy use panel, BuildPanel allows you to customize your space

8.0 Assmebly

Most BuildPanel units can be assemble by two people in hours.  You do not need construction experience to build with BuildPanel.  There is no cutting, nailing, or waste which makes it the best option for anyone looking to build

9.0 sustainable

BuildPanel is driven by sustainability through-out the life cycle of a unit.  By incorporating forest waste streams in to our bio-polymer and using recycled crushed glass, we minimize impact while promoting healthy forest usuage.

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