What are the market needs?

Customer “pain” across all target markets is similar; each customer segment has a pressing need to lower the costs associated with building while maintaining quality. Whether it is a home owner wanting to build a new garage or an NGO needing to develop a new community in an emerging nation, they all have the same need to make the construction process faster and more affordable without sacrificing quality.  BuildPaneltm solves this “pain” by:

• Lowering building material costs – BuildPaneltm limits structural requirements for lumber, minimizing wood waste and costs 

• Lowering labour costs – Labour is the largest input cost when building a structure (and often one of the biggest headaches). In the new economic environment, consumers are trending to saving as much as possible by using their own labour (DIY). The DIY route, though favored, poses many problems since current building systems require skilled labour with a strong knowledge base of construction and specialized tools. BuildPaneltm is engineered to eliminate both the need for skilled labor and the added costs of purchasing specialized construction tools.

• Introducing “Micro” Building Schedules – BuildPaneltm dramatically reduces building times by eliminating the need for carpentry labour (framing, sheeting, nailing, cutting to size), finishing (carpentry, interior and exterior painting) and weatherproofing (roofing, vapor barrier install).