Who is the target market?

Home Organization Market: Home organization is a $3 billion a year market with storage sheds, small work-shops, and garages representing the vast majority of sales. 75% of consumers in this market plan to build these structures themselves and 60% of consumers spend more than $500 on these structures. BuildPaneltm products will be marketed to a wide variety of price points and will compete with PVC products in the smaller footprint sizes

Micro Homes: This market including vacation cabins, cottages, carriage houses, laneway houses, granny pads. This segment is a relatively new trend in building in North America but is growing rapidly as rising housing prices force home owners to create more value on their properties. This market is expected to see a massive expansion as baby boomers leave the workforce and start to move in with relatives due to fixed income issues. It is currently estimated to be around $8 billion per year

Disaster Relief: Disaster Relief shelter is an $11 billion per year market which is growing. Disaster relief requires a housing solution that is quick to assemble, lightweight, capable of being moved, and comfortable enough to live in for an extended period. Governments, NGO’s and aid organizations are continually looking for something better than a tent solution which typically has a 6 month life cycle.

Emerging Nation Housing: Emerging economies in Africa, Asia, and South America are facing a severe lack of affordable housing which cannot be satisfied using current building technologies. Deloitte Consultants, The Harvard Monitor Group, and KPMG have identified a dire need to house people making $2 to $5 per day. This demographic has the potential to be the driving force in economies around the world. The emerging nation housing market is a $250 billion (plus) segment directly tied to population growth. 

Agriculture, animal shelters, industrial enclosures, POS display/storage: The industrial structure market includes sanitary animal shelters (new born calves, swine, horse stalls), industrial enclosures to protect equipment, fume hoods, food storage, outside storage for retail goods.